5 Wise Tips to Preserve Battery Life

Posted July 11th, 2014 at 2:04 am by Karen   |  1 Comment ››
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5 wise tips to preserve battery life

You’re on vacation on a wonderful island.

You’re breathing the briny air as you stand on your room’s terrace facing the beach. You feel so relaxed by the sea breeze brushing your cheeks. It’s the closest to heaven you can ever be!

What better way to make your friends jealous with your discovered paradise than to post a photo of it on Instagram.

You hurriedly go back inside your room, take out your phone, and just as when you’re aiming the camera at the magnificent view before you, your battery dies.

“Not today, not today!” you blurt out to yourself, nearly ripping your handbag apart to look for your phone charger.

After a minute or two of what seems like an endless riot between you and your handbag, you realize one thing:
You left your charger at home.


Frustrating, isn’t it? Here are some of the things you could do to prolong your battery’s life:

1. Turn off gadgets and appliances when not in use. If your gadgets don’t have a battery save feature, turn them off when you are not using them to avoid draining them quickly. Doing this reduces the amount of power your gadgets or other battery-powered electronic devices use.

2. Refrigerate batteries. Keeping your batteries in a very cool place like your refrigerator can conserve their shelf life. Although some batteries, like alkaline batteries, have been discovered to self-discharge at 2% yearly, making it almost pointless to refrigerate them, an NiMH battery’s charge can be retained up to 90% monthly when stored at freezing point. This is a good consideration if you live in a warm climate. Exposing batteries to heat or warm temperature increases their chemical activity, which results in a dramatic decrease of battery life.

3. Be mindful when to fully charge and discharge your batteries. Not all battery-powered gadgets such as cellular phones need to be fully charged and discharged. For instance, lithium batteries need to be charged often; otherwise, allowing them to drain will damage their storage capacity. Prolonging charging and shallow discharging of lithium-based batteries better.

4. Remove or avoid using unnecessary features. Applications in your gadgets that run at the same time slowly burn out the CPU, which can contribute to your battery’s death. Remove or turn off unused or unnecessary programs and applications if possible. While traveling, or whenever there is a power outage in your area, prolong your battery’s life by avoiding the use of unnecessary applications and features. When using smartphones or tablets for instance, consider turning off the Bluetooth, and refrain from streaming videos or playing games.

5. Use the correct battery charger. Avoid the habit of borrowing chargers that are not designated for your batteries, just because they fit into your gadgets’ ports. Some chargers are designed for fast charging, while others for slow charging. Plugging in the wrong charger for your battery may result in over-charging or discharging, which can excessively heat and burn out your battery.
Proper usage and care prolongs battery life.

What other ways can you think of to preserve your battery’s life?

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