Destin, Tallahassee to Gainesville, FL – 295 miles.

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Wednesday, March 14th.   We are up to 5,400 miles traveled and by the time we arrive to Miami Beach, it’s possible we may break 6,000 miles.  The distances I am using for the Post headings are distances I’m pulling from MapQuest.  I’m sure if you were to add up the distances mentioned in the Posts, it doesn’t add up to the 5,400 miles we’ve traveled.   In the Post headings, I haven’t been counting all the driving around we do, once arriving to each destination.  But it is official, our odometer reads 5,400+ miles.  It’s time for us to select and post more winners of free batteries.   Never realized we might be giving away nearly 6,000 free batteries to customers, but promises are promises.    It’s morning, at the motel in Destin and some thoughtless hotel guest has unplugged the car, so they can use the clothes dryer.  You would think a person who sees a car charging would simply let it be, but I suppose they think drying their clothes is more important.    Pretty darn inconsiderate if I may say.   Fortunately, the battery is around 90% and we should be okay, but neither Juan nor I like starting out with a partially full battery.

After breakfast, we head for Tallahassee and arrive around lunch time, locating an EV charger at a campus parking lot at Florida State University near to their football stadium.  Walking out of the parking lot, I ask someone who appears to be a municipal employee, if there’s some place to grab lunch.  Also ask him if it’s Spring break, because there are no students around.   Five minutes later as we are crossing the stadium parking lot on our way towards a restaurant, we are approached by campus police, who questions us and asks for ID’s.  Apparently, the municipal moron thought we were some threat and called 911.   Does this stuff only happen in Florida or what.  Mind you it’s midday, not midnight.  Maybe the guy was a relative of George Zimmerman.  In any case, the police officer, who looks like a former football linebacker, is smart enough to realize we are no threat, but he still questions us a good 2-3 minutes.  Whether or not he believed the story about our driving an EV across the country or not, doesn’t matter.  I’m sure he drove over to the parking lot to see if we had an electric car charging in the parking lot.  At least we don’t bump into him again.

We lunch at the nearby pizza joint and upon returning to the Tesla we’ve charged up enough to make it to Gainesville, another university town.  We priceline a motel near to the University of Gainesville and I take the Tesla over to an EV charger on campus and run 2.5 miles back to the hotel.  The EV charger says, maximum 4 hours usage, but I gamble no one will care overnight.  We’ve had a great travel day, 295 miles and we go to bed at a reasonable time.   Next morning, I run back and retrieve the Tesla fully charged.  Campus chargers so far, have been free of cost.

Florida panhandle, just North of Destin.
Florida panhandle, just North of Destin.
Free charging at Florida State University campus, covered parking lot near a few blocks from the stadium.
EV Chargepoint , Free charging at Florida State University campus, covered parking lot near a few blocks from the stadium.
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  1. Wow, you are almost home! Quicker that I thought.

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