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Posted February 14th, 2013 at 10:00 pm by Elliott Alexander   |  12 Comments ››
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A few months ago one late night in a bar after downing a bunch of beers we came up with this crazy idea for a road trip.  The plan get scribbled out on a napkin.  Then a funny thing happened…..

Napkin compliments of SouthWest Airlines.
Napkin compliments of SouthWest Airlines.

We decided to go through with the idea.   And now on Feb. 15th, we begin our Cross Country Road Trip in an EV.  5,000+ miles in a 2013 Tesla Model S 85KW performance sedan.  Portland, Oregon to Miami, Florida.


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  1. Be interesting to see how you make out and esp. how long it takes. In a gas car with two drivers you could cover that route in 2 days. In an EV, what are you estimating, two weeks?

  2. Are you going to charge on your Whistler detour? And have a ski run or two?

  3. Day;
    2 days? 5,000 miles? That’s an average of over 100 miles an hour for 48 hrs. straight.


  4. Edit: day dav.

  5. Elliott Alexander February 16, 2013 at 2:41 am · - Reply

    Yes, Brian. We are doing the run in 2 days. I figure we can recharge same as a F-15 refuels in-flight. We’ll drive the Tesla with a semi-truck behind us. He’ll be carrying a big generator and we’ll be tethered by a long cable, recharging while we drive. We have lots of food and a small refrigerator in the trunk. Maybe just a few quick bathroom stops. Seriously, we’re not out to break any speed records, so we’ll probably disappoint all the troopers. It’s a vacation and we are taking our time. Probably leave Portland Sunday morning. Good night.

  6. Black LEAF in PDX February 16, 2013 at 7:17 pm · - Reply

    Just bumped into you guys as you plugged in at Electric Avenue on the Portland State University campus. I’m glad you guys found the location, and we’re pleased that it was able to serve your needs. It’s a wonderful local resource.
    Best of luck on your trip! Hopefully you’ll find some 440 fast chargers that you can use, of not, the 220’s will work, they will just take a little longer.

  7. Hey Elliott,
    Is there a way I can sign up for this blog, so it is emailed to me whenever you make a new post?

    • Would you happen to have any falimy photo’s that were taken in Sterling that you would be willing to share? I live in Sterling and am interested in the history. Any photo’s that also include buildings are of interest.I remember your Aunt Francis and Uncle Dugan and Butch, they lived down the road from me when I was growing up.

  8. 0 – 60 mph in 4.4 sec?! Now that is fast, but there is something missing…try this on your cellphone when accelerating;
    Elliott, if you want to increase blog viewership by the female segment, be sure to post pics of your handsome co-pilot; Janjo. He’s a ringer for Javier Bardem and can dance like Joaquin Cortés.
    Have a fab and safe trip!

  9. Thanks so much for posting this trip. I am considering a very similar trip, but East to West to back East, about 7500 miles in a Model S.

    Now that you’ve done it. Would you do anything different? Would you still take the Model S?

    • Elliott Alexander September 6, 2013 at 1:17 pm · - Reply

      Certainly would take the Model S again. Only thing I would do differently is plan a little better every day. Whenever possible, make sure you have 1 or more back ups for your charging because periodically you will encounter unexpected issues, like non-functional EV chargers, or a network you are not a member of, or a dealership EV charger location whose gates are closed after hours, or a RV park that has no space or doesn’t want to let you charge your car. Also make sure you have card carrying accounts with Chargepoint, Plugshare and Blink so that connecting to these EV chargers will be faster and cheaper or free. Check to see if you need to be a member of any other regional EV network, depending on the region you travel to.
      Bring a tent, if you plan to stay in any RV parks, some of them are quite nice and even have swimming pools. Take a few different plugs as I did. I even bought supplies at homedepot and made a few other plug options.

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