Impressive milestone reached. 5,400 batteries to be given away!!!

Posted March 13th, 2013 at 12:44 pm by Elliott Alexander   |  No Comments ››
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Hi Everyone.  We’ve exceeded an impressive milestone.  We have surpassed the original 5,000 miles planned and we have passed 5,400 miles in route to Miami, Florida.   We have named over 90 winners from our customer database.  Each winner will receive either 60 Panasonic hearing aid batteries or 60 Panasonic AA/AAA alkaline batteries.   We are giving away one battery for every mile traveled on this Tesla EV cross-country trip.   Batteries are awarded to lucky customers in quantities of 60.   The side trip to Vancouver and Whistler, Canada at the outset of our road trip helped to push the distance traveled to this higher level.   We are celebrating  travel in a car, across the country without using a drop of gasoline or diesel all on battery power!!!

So far, the car has performed amazingly is so many ways.   Still after one month of driving a Tesla, I feel giddy and fascinated, each time the car accelerates silently down the road, there’s just no hint of exertion, or hesitation in performance.  We’ve noted there’s very little driver or passenger fatigue in the Model S.   The Tesla’s interior is wide and big.  We find the seats firm but quite comfortable.  There’s lots of leg room.   The vehicle has not vibration at all, other than from road imperfections.   It’s very quiet.  The big, capacitive touchscreen display is so novel, the internet connectivity is refreshing and handy, especially on a long road trip.  Use the touchscreen to navigate, adjust settings or controls on the vehicle, listen to music, make a phone car, or simply to browse the web or catch up on the news.   We simply don’t get tired of being in the Tesla.   I can’t wait until Tesla Motors decides to allow for apps to be uploaded to the car.  It would be nice to have a video player and perhaps to play a movie (when parked).  The mechanical aspects of the car are superbly designed.  The motor simply performs instantaneously on command.   It’s simply incredible to imagine the motor does not have any service requirements (if I’m not mistaken).

I love this car.  Juan is equally amazed by the vehicle.   It’s just hard to imagine, electric cars existed at the turn of the last century and then virtually disappeared until the next century.  I’m glad they are back!!!

Congratulations to our battery winners.

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